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Before cruising, let's prepare!

As you would do before any adventure you should create a list of things you may need or want for a comfortable experience.
  • Sun protective lotion
  • Proper clothing including change of dry clothes
  • Snacks such as fruit, chips and water
  • Footwear for beach and side walk groovement
  • Inclimate weather protection such as rain jacket
  • Bluetooth is available for your music as well as Cd's
On a typical day the Captain and/or Crew will have a pre-cruising discussion with all those aboard to involve safety, activities for the day,itinerary adjusted for weather if necessary, proper boating etiquette,logistics and housekeeping to name a few. The Captain & Crew are here to provide you the opportunity for a wonderful cruising experience and above all a safe journey. Therefore, the Captain has final say over the management,direction and care of the vessel and all aboard while underway. The Captain & Crew will always do their best to accommodate any requests they are presented with as we want you to have a terrific experience while on the water. Please be kind to our vessel, associated facilities and everyone on board. Should you need anything please let one of our Crew members know and we will endeavour to accommodate any reasonable request if possible. There is no smoking on board our vessels at any time! Pls manage yourself at all times so as not to be imposing to those on board. Pls do not pollute or otherwise throw trash of any kind from the vessel. Pls enjoy your yachting experience and create great memories for years to come! Welcome aboard! Captain Steve

There are typically 1-2 refrigerators on our vessels as well as ice well with plenty of provided ice for cooling food & soft drinks.

A. Yes, if you choose the optional snorkel or SCUBA activities everything you need to enjoy our Florida waters beneath the surface will be provided to make your experience safe and enjoyable.
A. You bet! All our captains are fully licensed by the USCG, have years of experience and we are fully insured to provide charter excursions.
A. We provide a rescheduling opportunity for up to a full year at no cost if you cannot make your trip and notify us within 24 hours, we do not offer refunds however.
A. We love pets and may accept them on special circumstances if they are less than 10 lbs, have a life jacket (check with us we may have one or can get one for you) and don't smoke, as smoking on our vessels is not permitted.
A. Yes, pls feel free to bring any drinks and food you would like.